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Abtek Biologicals was incorporated in 1981 after acquisition of a company established in the field of disc manufacture since 1971. The range of products of Abtek was rapidly developed from a simple range of discs to include identification products, computerised sensitivity and identification systems, freeze dried antibiotics for the determination of antibiotic susceptibility in plates and freeze dried selective isolation supplements.

The philosophy of Abtek has been to offer the customer precisely the products that fits their requirements. Accordingly. products are made in small lots which gives the client the freshest material with the longest of shelf life.

We welcome a close contact with all our clients to ensure that the products that we offer conform with the exacting standards of all our clients.

Neogen Corporation acquired Abtek Biologicals Limited in February 2020. Neogen is dedicated to ensuring continuity and consistency for customers; therefore Abtek operations will remain in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The Abtek team will continue to ensure the same level of service and consistency you have come to expect. Read more about this at